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Working in high levels of noise without proper protection can cause irreversible damage to your employees’ hearing and lead to substantial claims and prosecution.

The new Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 put more stringent demands on employers than previous legislation, reducing the permitted exposure action levels and placing greater emphasis on the effective implementation of noise reduction and control techniques.

Noise Assessment Reports

Safe-n-Sure’s noise assessment reports include a thorough investigation of your workplace, plant and equipment to ensure compliance with the regulations and highlight problem areas requiring effective noise control and reduction.


Our noise assessment advisers will produce a comprehensive noise assessment report containing tailored advice on effective noise control techniques and safe systems of work. This may include:

  • Engineering out the problem by buying low noise equipment, altering the process or changing operating procedures
  • Applying conventional methods of noise control such as enclosures or silencers
  • As a last resort using personal protection such as ear defenders or ear protectors

Noise Control Training

Our noise assessment consultants will also highlight that adequate training of employees as part of your hearing conservation and noise control policy, is imperative. All employees who are subject to high noise levels, as well as Managers and Supervisors responsible for noise policy must receive appropriate noise control training to ensure adequate awareness of risks and legal requirements.

Audiometric Testing

Safe-n-Sure can refer you to specialists in audiometric testing. The new regulations make audiometric testing mandatory at the Upper Action Value (UAV) where employees have a daily personal exposure of 85dB(A) and a Peak sound pressure level of 137dB Lcpeak. For staff exposed to the Lower Action Value (LAV) the requirement is only to offer audiometric testing to staff that are more sensitive to noise induced hearing loss.

Pre-employment audiometric testing for new employees ensures the company is not employing staff with existing hearing loss problems which they later attribute to your company in a subsequent claim.

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